I´ve noticed a lot of bands & musicians are following our tumblr & twitter and then unfollowing us after a couple of hours or maybe a day. I guess you are trying to become noticeable with your follow and expect us to immediately follow back and feature your work in the blog.

To all of those who use that “strategy” as way to promote yourselves, may I suggest you also start communicating with whoever you are trying to approach?

We get many bands and artist that mail us or send us messages telling us more about who they are, what their sound is like and the latest tunes they´ve released, I try to include every single one of these guys who build a communication with us.

If you directly approach us via sound cloud, twitter or by submitting your music here, I guarantee you will have more chances on us listening to your stuff.

The whole follow/unfollow thing is like nocking on someones door and then just running away.

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